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5 Unmissable Bermuda Adventures for Every Family

Bermuda, this tiny island paradise, might just be the world’s best-kept secret for family fun. Forget what you think you know about cramped family vacations, because here in Bermuda, every day is a widescreen adventure. Just a hop, skip, and a 900-mile jump east of Charleston, South Carolina, Bermuda rolls out the pink carpet with its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, elite golf, and a whole history book’s worth of shipwrecks.

2020 brought us a shiny new airport terminal, and 2023 introduced BermudAir, making it even easier to jet off to Hamilton, Bermuda from seven North American cities. If you’re craving a slice of this Atlantic nirvana, we’ve got the insider scoop on where to go and what to see.

Dominating the Beach Scene

The pink sands of Bermuda aren’t just Instagram-worthy; they’re a lifestyle. Horseshoe Bay Beach or Tobacco Bay Beach? Pick one, or better yet, don’t pick—visit both! At Cambridge Beaches Resort, you can beach-bum like royalty with four private stretches of sand. Or, if you’re staying near Hamilton, hop on the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club’s free jitney to a secret beach spot decked out with a tiki bar and cabanas. And yes, beachside horseback riding is a thing here—because why not?

Cave Explorers Welcome

Bermuda’s underground is just as epic as its beaches. Introduce the kiddos to the jaw-dropping stalactites and stalagmites in Fantasy Cave and Crystal Cave. Grotto Bay Beach Resort offers a splash with a difference—swim in Cathedral Cave or unwind at the spa inside Prospero’s Cave. It’s spelunking but make it luxury!

Tackling the Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Ever wanted to school your kids on the Bermuda Triangle without turning into a Wikipedia page? The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute’s Ocean Discovery Center is your go-to. The exhibit “Bermuda Triangle: Unlock the Secrets” is a hit. Plus, you’re right at Albuoy’s Point—the Bermuda Triangle’s northern vertex. Triangles have never been this cool.

Snorkeling Galore

Snorkeling in Bermuda is like jumping into a living kaleidoscope. Whether you choose Church Bay or Tobacco Bay, the reefs here are bustling with life. Midnight parrotfish sightings? Absolutely. No gear? No worries—check with your hotel or hit up KS WaterSports for snorkel rentals and guided tours. They even bundle jet ski thrills with snorkeling if you want to crank up the adventure dial.

Ferry Fun

Bermuda’s SeaExpress ferry is your family’s golden ticket to exploring. Zip from Hamilton to the Royal Naval Dockyard in just 20 minutes and dive into kid-friendly fun like mini-golf, escape rooms, and segway tours. Playgrounds, eateries, a snorkel park, and the National Museum of Bermuda? It’s all here.

Ready to make Bermuda your next family getaway legend? We at Park and Preston Travel are your Bermuda adventure experts. Let’s craft a vacation that’ll top your all-time family favorite list!

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