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Battle of the Park Trains: Hogwarts Express vs. Walt Disney World Railroad

Alright, folks! It's National Train Day, and we're about to dive headfirst into the great "Toot Toot" showdown: which park train is the ultimate ruler of the tracks? Is it the enchanting Hogwarts Express at Universal? Or does your heart reside with that good ol' Walt Disney World Railroad?

Let's kick off with Hogwarts Express, where you can hop aboard from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. This ain't your ordinary train ride; it’s a trip packed with magical bits and bobs straight out of the Harry Potter movies. You've got your iconic platform 9 ¾, beloved characters popping up, and magic ooze, well, everywhere. Peer out those windows to relish in picturesque scenes of the British countryside or spot some magnificent mystical beasts soaring through the sky. The cherry on top? This wonder-train connects two entire theme parks—Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. Talk about convenience!

But wait! Let's not forget the Walt Disney World Railroad, a timeless classic looping around Magic Kingdom. Climb aboard one of those four steam-powered locomotives —each named after a real Disney legend: Walter E. Disney (the main mouse himself), Lilly Belle, Roy O. Disney, and Roger E. Broggie — and enjoy a leisurely 20-minute break from all that walking as you take in an exceptional tour through park's themed lands. Keep an eye out for fun hidden surprises scattered along the route, like animatronic displays and sneaky dinosaur fossils.

So who's taking home the trophy? Well, it plops down to what tickles your train fancy. Potterheads won't want to miss out on Hogwarts Express; it’s a must-ride magic-infused adventure linking two epic lands. And if you live for Disney nostalgia and history? Then all aboard the Walt Disney World Railroad - an ideal respite from bustling park life to observe the Magic Kingdom's awesomeness from a fresh angle.

And hey! Can't decide where to park your caboose? Here at Park and Preston Travel we specialize in making your dreams come true, whether you're a wizard craving a ticket on the Hogwarts Express or a Disney devotee eager to hop on the Walt Disney World Railroad. So, which Toot Toot will be your chosen champion? Let us know in the comments, and may the best train win!


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