How To Make Your Family Vacation Photos Look Like They Were Taken By Pros

June 23, 2018


You've spent an ample amount of money and time planning your family vacation, which means you want to document it the best you can. While a professional photographer might be out of the budget, this doesn't mean your photos have to look amateur. The tips below can help you take the best photos possible all by yourself. With these, you can look back on your trip any time with pictures that you'll truly cherish.


Invest in a Tripod

Unless you don't want to be in any of your family photos, a tripod is going to be an essential investment. Fortunately, whether you're using your phone or a digital camera, tripods are relatively affordable. Most even come with remotes so you can click when you want the photo to be taken in an instant. It's recommended to buy both a small tripod (that will sit on a desk) and a taller one for outdoor excursions. Additionally, Digital Photography School explains that you should prioritize a tripod that sets up quickly, because “more often than not, the scene changes quickly, especially when you’re dealing with nature. Weather and wildlife won’t wait for you to get your tripod set up.”


Find the Right Lighting

When possible, take photos at dusk or when it's overcast outside. This type of lighting is less harsh than direct sunlight and can result in some beautiful images. If you plan on being indoors often, then try to take more photos in rooms that have a lot of windows. With either of these options, your family should be facing the source of the light to reduce shadows.


Clean Things Up

Wandrd says “In photography, as well as most art forms in general, simple is best. By remembering to check in with yourself and revisit the purpose of your shot, you’ll find that clarity and simplicity are always more striking and meaningful.” Frame the shot to avoid clutter and distractions. A huge mess in the background or a chaotic backdrop can take the focus away from your family. While it's doubtful you'll have a perfect background at all times, a little bit of thought when it comes to the frame can make all the difference. If you're outdoors, try to look for a backdrop that is less busy, so you capture fewer people in the background.


Don't Make the Lens the Focus

You could end up missing a great candid shot if you try to change out your lens continually. The truth is, most smartphones take great photos, especially if you're up close to your subjects. While professional lenses certainly don't hurt to bring along, too many can mean missing out on what you want to capture.


Test Settings

Get to know your camera, even if it's on your phone, before bringing it along. You'll learn a lot by testing out different settings inside and outside. As an added benefit, you'll get great shots before you leave for your trip.


Capturing Beautiful Memories

Fresh vacation memories can quickly be forgotten, which is why pictures are so important. Fortunately, the tips above will ensure you capture them all. Just keep in mind that even those that aren't perfect are still great reminders of your time together.



The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Tripod | Digital Photography School




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