Planning a Family Vacation Around a Business Trip? Here Are Some Things To Consider

August 21, 2018


If you are looking to bring some balance to your family and business life, consider taking the family on a business trip. This may seem like an extreme idea, but traveling with your family can be beneficial. If you plan really well, you can make your trip serve a dual purpose. You will no longer have to leave everyone at home while you travel for work.


Clear Your Plans with Management

Your boss will want to know that the family will be traveling with you. It is a general courtesy to let management know that you may not be available for any off-hours meetings or work. If your hotel is paid with company funds, let them know your family is staying there too. When you combine a vacation and family trip, some expenses need to be separated.


Arrange for Safe Travel

If you choose to change your travel plans to accommodate family, you may need to make arrangements for different transportation. While you may elect to fly your family out to the business trip destination, you may have a better time and save money by driving altogether instead. Just know that driving can pose different risks, so it's important to avoid the common causes of car accidents. These include, distracted driving, drowsy driving, reckless driving, and speeding.


Seek a Professional Business Environment

You need to keep in mind that this is a business trip. While you are bringing along the family, business comes first. You should always keep appointments and schedules on time. The boss doesn’t want to hear that you were late because of family issues. If you need to complete a job for the trip, there are always options to work from the hotel’s office center. You should think of the family as an added bonus, not the main focus of the trip. Business expenses need to be separated as well. While your company may not mind if the family is coming along, there may be issues if they are picking up the entire tab for your family’s entertainment.


Plan Activities for the Family

Once you have everything set for the business side of the trip, make sure to plan some time for the family. If you are traveling with children, you should see if the hotel offers any childcare services while you are gone. The important part is to keep the young ones occupied while you take care of business. That might mean packing their favorite video games, coloring books, or toys for the trip. When searching for a hotel, make sure it would have amenities that your family would enjoy. You should find accommodations that are close to your must-see attractions.


Combining a business trip with a family vacation can be daunting. With careful planning, you can find the perfect balance between work and family. The key is to maximize your time with the family after work hours. Once you have successfully planned a trip, you will never want to leave the family at home again.




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