5 Road Trip Destinations Every Family Needs on Their Bucket List

August 24, 2018

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Traveling with a family is different than traveling alone, with friends or as a couple. There are different considerations such as safety, kid-friendly activities, and appropriate locations to take into account. One of the most convenient, hassle free, and affordable ways for families to travel is by going on a road trip. It’s also a great way for children to be able to learn about the country because they’re seeing everything for themselves instead of being thousands of feet in the air.


Here are five places that every family needs to have on their bucket list.


Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an iconic landmark around the entire world, not only in the United States. This National Park is excellent for a family trip as the view from the top is rewarding enough. For more active families, there are some moderate hiking opportunities that will yield more beauty than visible from above. Not only is the Grand Canyon itself amazing, but the country around it is awe inspiring. If you’ve never driven through the beautiful Southwest, this isn’t something to pass up.


Mt. Rushmore

Located on the western side of South Dakota, Mt. Rushmore often goes unlooked on the usual travel itinerary. It's a national monument known by many and seen by very few. The complex built around Mt. Rushmore is easily accessible and provides spectacular views of this impressive figure. The small towns and nature surrounding Mt. Rushmore offer great activities for families as well.


New York City

New York City is the hallmark city for the entire United States. There are countless sites to see that the whole family will enjoy. Kids will love the food and rides at Coney Island. The entire family can enjoy the views from the famous Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. Rockefeller Center and Time Square are bustling with excitement in the nighttime. Families who don’t want to drive their travel vehicle through the busy and crowded streets will find a host of suitable accommodation and transportation if the subway system doesn't cut it.


Navy Pier

Chicago is an unsung gem of the Midwest. Navy Pier features attractions for the whole entire family, all while providing beautiful views of the skyline reflected against the shores of Lake Michigan. Great food, fun houses, Ferris wheels, boat rides, fishing, and gardens are just a few of the myriad activities that the whole family can enjoy together. Bikes can also be rented to ride around the banks of the lake and the edges of the pier.


Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center has been the launching point for almost all space expeditions in the United States. This spot remains the origin point for crewless space expeditions whose launches can be enjoyed by the whole family. Even when not being actively used, the space center has a wealth of information on the history of space exploration in the United States. Kids will love the space simulations.


Road trips are a great way to have the whole family visit these amazing places. Remember to enjoy the moment as these memories have the opportunity to last forever.



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