5 Adventures in Southern Florida for the Outdoor Explorer

September 26, 2018


Whether you are a native to the state, or are looking for a unique outdoors adventure, Florida offers explorers of every level a truly breathtaking experience. Southern Florida is home to amazing landscape and wildlife. In fact, there are some species of animals that can only be found there. Florida offers many opportunities to see the outdoors in its natural glory. Check out these 5 reasons why Florida should be your next trip.


Swim with the Manatees in Crystal River

South Florida is known for its large population of manatees. There is only one spot where you can legally swim with them. The Crystal River is located in Citrus County. Manatees love the area because King's Bay spring provides warmth and protection for the animals. You don't have to get into the water to see them. There are plenty of boardwalks to view the manatees from above the water. But if you want to swim with the manatees, River Venture says, “You will be taught the in’s and out’s of ‘passive interaction’ as this ensures that the animals enjoy the experience as much as we do!”


Explore the Dry Tortugas National Park

If you are really looking to get away, take a boat to the Dry Tortugas. The park is located 70 miles west of Key West. It is a group of seven islands that are only accessible by boat or plane. Visitors can enjoy the crystal clear waters that surround the island. It is a perfect spot to snorkel and see the marine life.


See the Birds at Ding Darling

J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge is located on Sanibel Island. The refuge was created to protect the natural habitat in the area. There are over 245 species of birds that migrate to the refuge. It provides natural roosting, nesting, and feeding areas for these birds. The refuge offers free talks about the wildlife and conservation efforts of the organization. 


Discover the Untouched Beauty of Florida

Many species of mammals and reptiles make their home in the Everglades. It is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. There are over 60 endangered species in the area. Everglades Safari Park offers visitors the chance to see these animals up close and personal. The guides take guests on an airboat ride through the Everglades. The tours strive to teach visitors about this unique ecosystem in South Florida. If you do choose to visit the Everglades, remember to pack a pair of binoculars in order to spot wildlife from far away. Compact binoculars are ideal for outdoor excursions, especially when they have high-quality optics. 


Get Wild at McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary

McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the top attractions in West Palm Beach. According to Budget, “The sanctuary is home to more than 170 animals. McCarthy’s aims to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned and injured wild animals and educate the public at the same time. Throughout the tour, you’ll get the chance to see many different species of animals up close. Additionally, the tours include the opportunity to touch several smaller animals. While the animals you interact with will vary depending on the tour, possibilities include alligators, parrots, kinkajous, snakes, tortoises, and tarantulas." The tour guides provide an interactive experience with the animals. Visitors must make reservations in advance, so make sure to call well before your trip.


Florida has so many places to explore. If you love nature, you are in luck. From manatees to unique ecosystems, there is something for you to see in South Florida.


For more travel ideas, and what to do when you get there, make sure to check in with our blog regularly!


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