4 Ways to Navigate Tropical Destinations with Your Family

November 9, 2018

Everyone loves a beach vacation, but not everyone travels the same way or has the same accommodation needs during a beach vacation. Hotels are popular, but there are a lot of types of places that you can stay while you're on vacation, and they all have their pros and cons. Deciding which kinds of accommodation are the best for you will depend on who is traveling with you and what you want out of the place where you stay. Here are a couple of types of accommodations that you might not have thought about.


Couch Surfing

When you couchsurf, you stay at a host's home. Many hosts do it simply because they enjoy meeting new people, and the cost to you is minimal. Couchsurfing is great if you are traveling with just one or two adults, but it can get much more complicated for large groups or families. In the latter case, it is often hard to find hosts with enough space. Couchsurfing is also not a great option for individuals who enjoy having lots of privacy.


However, when you are close to your sunny destination, you’ll most likely be spending most of your time on the beach making sand castles or in the water riding the waves. Couchsurfing is ideal for vacationers who spend most of their day outside, doing activities that take them away from the host home, and then crash on the couch at the end of the day. Make sure to give back to your host generously, whether through cash, buying groceries, cleaning, or offering free labor.


Condos and Beach Houses

Staying in a hotel room can be confining for some, especially when you’ve made the effort to come to a wonderful tropical destination. You’ll want to be as close to the fun as possible. What better way to spend your vacation than in a beach house or a condo close to the waves? When you have a beach house or condo, you'll enjoy a lot of the luxuries of living at home. Condos and beach houses are an option if your family wants a little more luxury and privacy. For one, you'll be able to enjoy the comforts that come with staying in a place that has a lot of space while taking advantage of evening walks on the beach to enjoy the sunset and the lull of the waves while falling asleep at night. Everyone can have their own room, and you'll have a full kitchen to cook meals. This gives you the opportunity to save money on eating out at restaurants. You'll also have the privacy that condos and beach houses afford. In a hotel, the housekeeping staff will be in your room every day, and this presents an opportunity for your possessions to be stolen. Staying in a condo or beach house reduces that risk.  



Although it’s not the most common way to enjoy a tropical paradise, you can find places to go camping at popular beach locations. It can be very affordable if you already have the gear or if you are able to borrow it from someone. Plus, you get to enjoy nature while you're doing it. You can enjoy this interesting twist on a normal beach vacation and see some fascinating parts of nature up close and personal. There is hardly a better way to get to know a country, its wilderness, and its people than by camping or backpacking. However, there are some risks to backpacking that should be planned for. No matter how much experience you have, it is not ideal to go camping or backpacking alone and it may be difficult to do with young children. If possible, wait till your children are older before planning one of these special camping trips.


There are many ways to enjoy a tropical vacation, and there are many types of places that you can stay. Hotels aren't your only option, so feel free to try something different. Park & Preston Travel is happy to help you arrange for the best accommodations and design the perfect travel adventure!



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