3 Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe in a Rental Car

July 29, 2019


Most people rent a car when they're traveling in a new location or taking a trip with their family. Although it can be exciting to spend time on the road and see the sights, there's always the risk of accidents or injuries while spending time in a vehicle. If you want to keep your family safe in a rental car, here are a few tips to follow.



Before you decide to rent a car, Centsai suggests looking into insurance and seeing if your current policy will cover any damage for a vehicle that you book. You may also need to consider looking into the insurance that the rental company offers. Rental car insurance isn't legally required but can prevent you from owing thousands of dollars if damage occurs or you're responsible for an accident with other motorists. It may not be worth the risk to forego the insurance even if you're traveling a short distance due to how much it can cost out of your own pocket to repair or replace the vehicle.


Understand the Vehicle You’re Driving

You may feel comfortable driving your own car, but a new vehicle may be more challenging to operate if you're unfamiliar with the mechanisms. You'll need to get an understanding of the car you're driving before it's time to hit the road to ensure you know how it operates and can drive safely. With higher centers of gravity and more narrow tracks than smaller cars, SUVs have a higher propensity for rollover accidents, especially at high speeds, according to GBW.Law. Consider selecting a vehicle that is easy to drive while also performing a vehicle inspection to ensure any repairs aren't needed.


Eliminate Any Distractions

Some drivers are more carefree in a rental car because it's not their personal vehicle, and they often feel more relaxed on a trip or vacation. You'll need to make sure you remain focused. Metromile suggests eliminating any distractions, which includes having your cell phone nearby where you may receive text messages or calls while sitting behind the wheel. If you plan to listen to music, set it up, and create a playlist in advance to avoid having to adjust the music while operating the vehicle.


Though renting a car can be a fun thing for your family while you’re on vacation, you shouldn’t forget to be safe. Keeping your family safe in a rental car should be a top priority. With the right tips and a bit of discipline, you can have peace of mind knowing you're protecting them while away from home.


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