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Alex Dedrick

Travel Coordinator

Meet Alex Dedrick, a dynamic travel coordinator with a flair for crafting unforgettable Disney vacations, immersive cruise experiences, and serene beach getaways. Alex's role at Park and Preston Travel is fueled by a genuine excitement for helping others explore the world, especially through the magic of Disney. With a specialization in Disney vacations, Alex brings a wealth of knowledge and a personal passion for the enchantment that Disney offers.

Alex's approach to travel planning is deeply influenced by her philosophy: go where your heart takes you. This guiding principle empowers her clients to embrace their travel dreams, whether they're seeking the nostalgia and joy of Disney, the adventure of the high seas with Royal Caribbean and NatGeo/Lindblad Expeditions, or the tranquility of an all-inclusive beach retreat. Alex's primary goal is to ensure her clients not only reach their physical destinations but also achieve a state of bliss and fulfillment in their travels.

Her journey into the travel industry was sparked by her upbringing in Lexington, Massachusetts, a town rich in history and annually visited by tourists drawn to its significant past. Growing up amidst a backdrop of historical reenactments and global visitors, Alex developed an early fascination with the idea of exploration and the stories that every destination holds. This curiosity has been a driving force in her career, inspiring her to help others discover the joys of travel and exploration.

One of Alex's most cherished travel memories is a father-daughter trip to the Galapagos and Peru, an experience that left a lasting impression and ignited a lifelong passion for seeking new adventures. From snorkeling with penguins to witnessing the sunrise over Machu Picchu, these moments have deeply influenced her perspective on travel and the unforgettable experiences it can offer.

A surprising fact about Alex that adds a unique touch to her professional profile is her namesake: the only bird to have an obituary in the New York Times. This intriguing detail hints at the depth and individuality Alex brings to her role as a travel coordinator.

Alex Dedrick is committed to turning travel dreams into reality, offering personalized planning services that cater to the diverse desires of her clients. Whether you're drawn to the whimsical charm of Disney, the thrill of a cruise adventure, or the relaxation of a beach vacation, Alex is ready to guide you on a journey that exceeds your expectations, ensuring a travel experience that resonates with your heart's desires. Join Alex in exploring the endless possibilities that travel has to offer, and embark on a journey filled with joy, discovery, and unforgettable memories.

Alex Dedrick
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