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Alicia Green

Travel Coordinator

Introducing Alicia Green, your travel coordinator at Park and Preston Travel, who's all about crafting unforgettable Disney vacations and amazing North American adventures! Fueled by her passion for helping families turn dream vacations into reality, Alicia utilizes the invaluable knowledge she's gained from yearly visits to Walt Disney World since 2011 for RunDisney race weekends. With credentials like College of Knowledge Graduate in Disney travel and being a Universal Orlando & Hollywood Resort Specialist, she has the know-how to tailor-make itineraries that fit her clients' unique tastes and desires. Plus, she's a Rocky Mountaineer Specialist with a deep understanding of all-inclusive resorts!

Alicia's personal travel mantra is that every journey—even to the same destination—unveils new experiences and insights never found before. She knows that no two trips are alike, so she pours her heart into ensuring her clients have a truly magical and stress-free vacation. Growing up in Davenport, IA, Alicia spent many a day at theme parks like Adventureland, Six Flags Great America & St. Louis, and Cedar Point. These excursions helped her develop a knack for navigating theme parks efficiently, which she loves passing on to her clients so they can make the most of their visits from the moment they step through the gates.

In her downtime, you'll find Alicia enjoying life with her two lovely daughters or indulging in some running, Peloton cycling, crafting, sewing or knitting! A quirky tidbit about Alicia: She's a major klutz! From breaking her collarbone while dancing on Christmas Day to fracturing her nose during touch football, she's quite the injury magnet.

If given the chance to dine with anyone from history or fame, Alicia would choose Walt Disney himself. She'd be fascinated hearing tales of animation and the remarkable company he created from scratch. If travel coordination hadn't captured her heart, she'd love to be an Imagineer or theme park engineer designing roller coasters. Since high school, Alicia has been passionate about running and loves exploring new Midwestern cities to participate in races. She has a treasure trove of fantastic run-cation ideas in the Midwest and can recommend delightful races she's experienced in Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.

Alicia Green
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