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Ashleigh Bergh Duggan

Travel Coordinator

Meet Ashleigh Bergh Duggan, a spirited and seasoned travel coordinator who specializes in crafting Disney vacations, luxurious escapes, and dreamy destination weddings. Her enchanting journey into the travel world started in 2018 when a friend reached out for advice on their first trip to Walt Disney World. Ashleigh's Disney knowledge and enthusiasm were so infectious that soon people from coast to coast wanted her guidance. This serendipitous twist of fate led her to uncover her true calling and take off on a thriving career in the travel scene.

As your very own fairy godmother of travel, Ashleigh waves her magic wand to design unforgettable Disney experiences dripping with pixie dust. From her childhood love affair with all things Disney, her expertise has evolved to encompass insider details of Disney Parks and Resorts—participating in runDisney events and even saying "I do" at Walt Disney World have fine-tuned her skills in unearthing the hidden gems of magical vacations.

But that's not all! In addition to sprinkling Disney magic, Ashleigh is a connoisseur of luxury travel. With an eye for detail, she whips up tailor-made itineraries designed to fulfill each client's unique desires. Her penchant for personalization has earned her an esteemed reputation among the luxury travel elite.

Wearing yet another hat, Ashleigh is a certified destination wedding and honeymoon specialist who knows firsthand the joys—and challenges—of planning fairytale nuptials abroad. Her own bewitching big day at Walt Disney World in October 2022 was a smashing success, an experience she now channels into coordinating all things travel and logistics for other starry-eyed couples seeking their own piece of Disney enchantment.

It's important to remember that every traveler is different, which is why Ashleigh believes one size doesn't fit all when it comes to vacation planning. Eschewing the idea of "crowdsourcing" getaways, Ashleigh hones in on her clients' unique wishes, quirks, and budgets. Her personalized approach guarantees tailor-made trips designed to leave her clients in awe.

Clients vouch for Ashleigh's dedication to delivering unmatched service and extraordinary experiences. From saving families money on Disney packages to uncovering special promotions for Universal Orlando visitors and guiding newbies through the unfamiliar realm of using Genie+, Ashleigh's Midas touch can be felt throughout every getaway she creates. This includes bespoke themed excursions, such as a Nashville extravaganza celebrating 50 golden years with barbeque, brews, and bourbon.

At the core of Ashleigh's process lies a genuine curiosity to understand each client's distinct preferences and requirements. By learning about their travel style, sleeping habits, food inclinations, and budget, she handcrafts one-of-a-kind itineraries that cater to their specific desires while ensuring each detail is perfectly tailored.

To sum it up, Ashleigh Bergh Duggan is not just any travel coordinator—she's a gifted and passionate specialist with a flair for creating exceptional Disney vacations, opulent retreats, and captivating destination weddings. Her unfaltering commitment to superior service and crafting indelible moments indisputably carves out her place among the crème de la crème of the travel world. So go ahead, let Ashleigh wave her magic wand to bring your dream vacation to life!

Ashleigh Bergh Duggan
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