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Heather Blake

Travel Coordinator

Heather Blake is a dedicated travel coordinator specializing in curating unforgettable journeys for families. With a deep love for planning and creating magical trips, Heather brings her passion and expertise to help clients create cherished travel memories.

Driven by her genuine desire to make each trip as enchanting as possible, Heather found her calling as a travel coordinator. Inspired by the wonder and excitement experienced by her own children during Disney vacations, she is determined to bring that same sense of joy to every family she assists.

Heather's meticulous attention to detail and personalized approach set her apart as a travel coordinator. She understands that planning a vacation can be overwhelming, and she is dedicated to alleviating the stress by taking care of the intricate details. With her expertise and genuine enthusiasm, Heather ensures that families can fully immerse themselves in the magical moments that make each vacation truly special.

Bringing a fresh perspective and unwavering commitment to exceptional service, Heather is passionate about crafting extraordinary experiences for her clients. Her genuine love for Disney and understanding of the transformative power of these experiences fuel her desire to create unforgettable trips for families.

When you choose Heather Blake as your travel coordinator, you can expect personalized recommendations, meticulous attention to detail, and a genuine commitment to making every moment of your vacation extraordinary. Trust Heather to handle the complexities of planning while you focus on creating lifelong memories with your loved ones. Together, let's embark on an enchanting adventure where the joy of travel comes alive!

Heather Blake
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