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Kat Giddens

Travel Coordinator

Kat Giddens a travel coordinator at Park and Preston Travel, bringing a fresh and vibrant perspective to the team. Kat's experience in planning vacations stretches back years, with a special knack for creating magical Disney vacations and exploring the sunny locales of San Diego, where she's lived for over four decades. Kat's journey into travel coordination was inspired by her desire to share her extensive knowledge and ensure others have the most enchanting vacation experiences possible.

Specializing in Disney adventures and Southern California escapades, Kat combines her passion for these destinations with a personal commitment to making every trip unforgettable. Her expertise is backed by Disney travel training, and her intimate familiarity with San Diego provides clients with insider insights into this vibrant area. Kat's travel philosophy is all about seizing the moment—"You only live once, so take the trip, book the extra excursion, dine at the fancy restaurant, and take all the photos!" This mantra influences her approach to planning, encouraging clients to indulge in experiences that enhance their vacations and create lasting memories.

Growing up in San Diego, Kat's love for travel was kindled by family road trips to iconic destinations like Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, and the Grand Canyon. These early adventures laid the foundation for her passion for exploring new places, a passion that expanded with a transformative summer spent traveling across Europe. Visiting eight countries, Kat developed a deep appreciation for international travel, fueling her ambition to explore more of the world and to assist others in discovering the joys of travel.

When not meticulously planning vacations for her clients, Kat indulges in her hobbies of visiting Disneyland, participating in Disney races, and occasionally traveling the country to see Jason Mraz concerts—a fun fact that reveals her adventurous spirit and love for live music. Her top personal values of honesty, compassion, and the importance of family and friends resonate through her work, guiding her interactions and commitment to delivering personalized travel experiences.

With over 15 years of experience as a nurse, Kat brings exceptional customer service skills, conflict resolution abilities, and a calm demeanor under pressure to her role as a travel coordinator. Her experience in solo travel and organizing family vacations, coupled with her status as the "cool aunt," allows her to cater to a wide range of travel desires, from solo adventures to family-friendly journeys.

Dining with Kelly Clarkson would be Kat's choice for a dream dinner, drawn to Clarkson's grounded nature and creative spirit, though she humorously notes that Barack Obama would be the more conventional choice. To unwind and stay motivated, Kat turns to her happy places—Disney, music, or the beach—showcasing her ability to find joy and inspiration in her passions.

Kat Giddens is more than just a travel coordinator; she's a dedicated adventurer, compassionate professional, and Disney aficionado ready to bring her clients' vacation dreams to life with enthusiasm, expertise, and a touch of magic. Whether planning a Disney getaway, exploring the beauty of San Diego, or embarking on an international expedition, Kat is committed to creating experiences that are not just trips but treasured memories.

Kat Giddens
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