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Lauren Cooper

Travel Coordinator

Lauren Cooper is a travel coordinator with Park and Preston Travel, who brings a deep-rooted passion for exploration and a rich tapestry of personal and professional travel experiences to her clients. Lauren's journey into the world of travel coordination is fueled by an innate love for Disney and the broader world of travel, a passion that has only deepened with the joy and wonder she shares with her two young daughters. Witnessing the awe in their eyes during their adventures adds a layer of excitement and fulfillment to her work, driving her to create equally magical experiences for her clients.

Lauren's expertise spans the magical realms of Disney to the diverse cultures and landscapes of over 15 countries worldwide, including frequent visits to the lush paradise of Hawaii. Her favorite destination, Kauai, epitomizes the essence of tropical beauty for her, boasting extensive firsthand knowledge that Lauren eagerly shares with those dreaming of a Hawaiian escape. As a Disney enthusiast and a seasoned annual pass holder, Lauren possesses an intimate understanding of the magic and allure of Disney parks, making her an invaluable resource for families, couples, and solo travelers seeking that special sprinkle of Disney magic in their vacations.

What truly sets Lauren apart in the travel industry is her unwavering commitment to crafting vacations that go beyond mere enjoyment to creating lasting memories. Her approach is deeply personalized, focusing on understanding her clients' dreams and preferences from the outset to recommend perfectly tailored travel experiences. Lauren's dedication to delivering dream vacations is matched by her skill in navigating the uncertainties and decisions that often accompany travel planning, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for every client.

Lauren's passion for travel was ignited by a memorable trip to Greece in 2009, celebrating her 5th wedding anniversary with her husband. The profound connection she felt with the places she visited, especially the emotional departure from Mykonos, solidified her desire to pursue a career that allowed her to explore the world and help others do the same. This experience underscores her commitment to enabling her clients to discover the beauty and joy of travel.

When she's not designing unforgettable travel experiences, Lauren invests her time and energy into her family, her faith, and her community, participating actively in her church and cherishing moments with her husband and daughters. Her love for travel is paralleled by her passion for fitness and spending quality time with her loved ones, reflecting a balanced life that fuels her professional creativity and dedication.

Lauren Cooper's approach to travel planning is characterized by a heartfelt desire to see her clients achieve their dream vacations. With a wealth of knowledge, a personal touch in every itinerary, and an unwavering dedication to creating lifelong memories, Lauren stands as a beacon for anyone looking to embark on a journey filled with adventure, discovery, and magic. Whether you're drawn to the enchanting experiences of Disney, the tropical paradises of Hawaii, or the rich tapestries of international travel, Lauren is ready to guide you on a journey that exceeds every expectation.

Lauren Cooper
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