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Sallie Putnam

Travel Coordinator

Meet Sallie Putnam, the travel coordinator extraordinaire who transforms ordinary family vacations into memory-making experiences of a lifetime. Drawing from the magic of her own cherished childhood adventures, Sallie brings heart and soul to every trip she designs. Her diverse expertise in the travel industry empowers her to create custom itineraries that perfectly align with your family's distinct tastes and desires. If you're ready for a vacation that goes beyond the ordinary, let Sallie be your trusted guide, infusing your travels with the kind of love and attention only a true travel aficionado can provide.

With four remarkable years in the travel industry under her belt, Sallie has honed her skills in crafting dream Disney vacations, enchanting cruises, luxurious all-inclusive resort stays, and captivating European adventures. Her unwavering commitment to expanding her expertise is showcased through an impressive collection of certifications, such as Disney College of Knowledge graduate, CLIA member, Universal Parks and Resorts specialist, Rocky Mountaineer Tracks training, and AmaWaterways AmaAcademy graduate. Sallie's dedication to lifelong learning ensures that she remains on the cutting edge of the industry, always equipped to provide her clients with extraordinary experiences and insider knowledge.

Sallie's client-centered approach to trip planning revolves around the core belief that time and budget are invaluable assets, deserving the utmost care and attention. By taking the time to genuinely understand her clients' interests, hobbies, and family dynamics, Sallie crafts tailor-made journeys that effortlessly align with their unique preferences. The glowing reviews she consistently receives speak volumes about her ability to navigate even the most challenging situations with grace and poise. A shining example of this is her unwavering dedication during the pandemic shutdown, when she skillfully rescheduled trips and secured full refunds for her clients, all while maintaining her signature upbeat attitude and reassuring presence.

Born and raised in the charming town of Aiken, SC, Sallie developed a deep appreciation for the meaningful connections that shared experiences and cherished memories can forge. This heartfelt understanding continues to inspire her work as a travel coordinator today. Guided by her top three personal values - authenticity, respect, and timeliness - Sallie is unwaveringly committed to providing honest, respectful, and prompt services for her clients. By staying true to these core principles, she not only creates unforgettable vacations, but also fosters lasting relationships built on trust and genuine care for her clients' happiness.

In those rare moments when she's not crafting incredible journeys for her clients, Sallie indulges her passions for reading, immersing herself in travel shows, solving intricate puzzles, hitting the pavement for a rejuvenating run, or carving her way down the slopes on her snow skis. Sallie's adventurous heart has propelled her to embrace thrilling experiences, such as swimming with dolphins, cradling a monkey, riding both an elephant and a camel, and she's even got her sights set on skydiving one day! Her zest for life and unquenchable curiosity make her the perfect partner to design your next unforgettable adventure.

With a wanderlust-filled bucket list that includes enchanting destinations like Lapland in Finland and a burning desire to marvel at the ethereal beauty of the Northern Lights, Sallie's unwavering passion for travel serves as the driving force behind her relentless pursuit of crafting the most exceptional experiences for her clients. If you're yearning to set off on a remarkable family vacation that will live on in your memories for years to come, look no further than Sallie Putnam – your personal guide to transforming your travel dreams into a breathtaking reality!


Sallie Putnam
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