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Sarah Bergman

Agency Owner

Meet Sarah Bergman, the vivacious owner of Park and Preston Travel. With an infectious zest for life, an unwavering dedication to the travel industry, and an undeniable passion for running and all things Disney, Sarah is a true force to be reckoned with. Her journey into the world of travel began in her teenage years when she joined the People to People Student Ambassador Program, an awe-inspiring initiative that motivated Walt Disney to bring his famous "it's a small world" attraction to life—a ride that holds a special place in Sarah's heart.

As a die-hard Disney fan, Sarah shares an unbreakable bond with this remarkable attraction, cherishing the global unity and harmony it represents. Her love for Disney and her expertise in catering to the needs of runners intertwine seamlessly, creating a unique and unparalleled travel experience.

Sarah's credentials speak volumes about her dedication and knowledge. Holding a degree in Restaurant, Hotel & Institutional Management from Texas Tech University, she is a Certified Travel Associate from the Travel Institute and a proud graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge. However, her true passion lies in combining her love for running and travel, offering runners an opportunity to turn their runDisney fantasies and adventure race visions into reality.

Guided by Walt Disney's unforgettable saying, "If you can dream it, you can do it," Sarah believes that no dream is impossible when it comes to combining running and traveling. With boundless enthusiasm, positive vibes, and meticulous attention to detail, she is on a mission to help her clients achieve their goals and create unforgettable experiences.

What sets Sarah apart in the travel industry is her exclusive prowess in coordinating travel for runDisney. With a decade of unwavering commitment to the runDisney community, she possesses unmatched understanding and knowledge of race events, resort stays, and travel packages. Her hands-on participation in runDisney races has provided her with valuable insights into organizing flawless race experiences for her clients.

Driven by her immense desire to help runners achieve their goals, Sarah offers dedicated support and personalized attention to each client. She listens attentively, understands their unique requirements, and collaborates on tailored itineraries that align perfectly with their objectives and preferences.

Beyond her adventurous career, you'll likely find Sarah chasing her own marathon dreams or exploring the culinary world. With an impressive record of ten marathons, including the iconic Boston Marathon, and countless shorter races, running is much more than a hobby—it's a life philosophy for Sarah. The unparalleled sense of freedom and fulfillment that running brings continuously fuels her desire to seek new challenges both physically and mentally.

In every aspect of life, Sarah embraces personal growth and cherishes the lessons learned from her experiences. This positive mindset echoes throughout her career as a travel coordinator, where she consistently strives to elevate her client service standards.

So, whether you're dreaming of a magical runDisney adventure or seeking an unforgettable travel experience, embark on your next thrilling journey with Sarah by your side. As your perfect partner in crafting remarkable adventures, she'll infuse each moment with vibrant energy and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Sarah Bergman
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