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Valarie Dennis

Travel Coordinator

Valarie Dennis is a seasoned travel coordinator with Park and Preston Travel, specializing in crafting unforgettable all-inclusive beach vacations, Europe land tours, river cruises, independent travel, senior travel, longer ocean cruises, and multigenerational travel. With a passion for prioritizing "memories over things," Valarie's personal travel philosophy is reflected in her approach to planning trips for her clients. She listens attentively to her clients' needs, wants, and dreams and uses her personal experiences to customize their travel experiences, providing them with an honest opinion based on her expertise.

What sets Valarie apart from other travel coordinators is her personal experiences in the areas she specializes in, as well as her commitment to integrity, patience, and honesty. She strives to help her clients make the most of their time and budget, prioritizing their unique preferences and needs.

Valarie's journey in the travel industry began in 2018 when she met Sarah Bergman, the agency owner, at an event and hit it off. Her passion for travel stems from her family's tradition of prioritizing summer vacations, which continued when she and her husband Mike prioritized "memories over things" in their own life. As a result, Valarie has become the go-to person for her family and friends when it comes to travel advice.

Valarie's certifications as a Viking Cruise Line Certified Expert and a Globus/Cosmos Specialist, along with her personal travels to almost every country in Europe, provide her with the specialized training and knowledge needed to help her clients create unforgettable travel experiences. Her memorable success story was helping a single woman client overcome her fears of traveling internationally for the first time, which turned out to be a life-changing experience for her.

When she's not working, Valarie spends her free time with her grandchildren and researching new places to travel to, which helps her recharge and inspire her work in the travel industry. Her first memorable travel experience was a trip to Paris with her husband in 2009, which cemented her love for France.

Valarie Dennis
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